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Shradh Puja

Shradh is an important Hindu ceremony. It is a Puja to the departed ancestors’ salvation (atma shanti) (paternal as well as maternal). It is an expression of respect and loyalty to ancestors.

It will bring good fortune to their descendants and so positive energies for advancement. The descendent is also blessed materially by the pitra/forefathers. As material hurdles or issues are removed, the individual can advance spiritually. This puja is incredibly effective and heals major ailments. This is done to heal chronic diseases and other body aliments. Those who are always sick should perform this pooja for quick recovery. This puja is for Business or Career Success, and Protection from Evils and Enemies.

Benefits of Griha Pravesh Puja
  • To boost financial prosperity and strength.
  • To gain power/stability.
  • To lessen the ill effects of Jupiter.
  • To speed up/smooth business.
  •  Pithru dosha intensity is lowered.
  • Safeguards family from harm.
  •  Obtains blessings for childbirth.
  • Gain fame and fortune.
  • Increased life expectancy.
  • Get Heaven’s blessings.
  • Helps pets and wildlife.
Our Promise
  • They are Vedic Patashala-trained and talented, as are all of our Pandits.
  • All rituals are conducted in accordance with established vedic guidelines.
  • Use high-quality Samagri to ensure a pleasant Pooja experience.
  • A guarantee of on-time arrival and genuineness is provided.
  • Support and guidance from a trained specialist.


Procedure of Shradh Puja in Bangalore

The most important parts of Shraddha rituals are:

Vishwadeva Sthapana (विश्वेदेव स्थापना)
Pindadan (पिण्डदान)
Feeding the Brahmin (Tarpan)
Pindadan is the act of giving rice, cow’s milk, ghee, sugar, and honey to the ancestors in the shape of a pinda (a round heap). Pandadan should be done with all your heart, devotion, feelings, and respect for the soul of the person who died.

Tarpan is an offering of water that has been mixed with black sesame, barley, kusha grass, and white flour. People think that Tarpan makes the spirits of the dead happy.

To finish the Shraddha ritual, you must feed the Brahmin. Before food is given to a Brahmin, it is also given to the crows.


significance of Tarpan Shradh Puja

Tarpan: ‘Trup’ means ‘please’. Trup is the root word for ‘Tarpan’. Tarpan is the act of offering water to God, Sages, ancestors’ souls, and humans.

Hand position during Tarpana
Hand stance when offering Tarpana to devas (Gods, Goddesses, and Navagrahas), rishis (sages), and pitrus (departed ancestors).

(a) The offering for devas flows across the right hand’s four fingers save the thumb.
(b) For rishis, the offering is made to flow between the wrist and the little finger on the left side of the palm.
(c) For the pitrus, the offering flows over the right side of the palm and the thumb.

Shradh Last Rites in Bangalore

The forefathers’ shraddha and tarpan are important. People from Pitar Dev Swargalok are supposed to visit their ancestors. Those who do not offer sacrifices or shraadh to their ancestors are thought to face Pitru-dosh. This flaw creates various problems. So, to appease the fathers, certain actions are restricted in Pitrupaksha. The scriptures say Pitra Devas can appear in any shape in Pitrupaksha. So, do not disrespect any animal or human who enters the house. Upon entering, give food and respect to all. There is a specific reverence for ancestors in pilgrimage places. Ancestors are said to be saved by shraddha in Gaya, Badrinath, or Prayag. Those who do not have to do Shraddha at a specific location may do it at any of the house’s holy places. At the end of Pitripaksha, crows are considered sacred since not giving them to the grass completes the shraddha karma. It’s not just 1, it’s incomplete. Shivra and Pitru Paksha is the period between Bhadrapada’s full moon and Ashwin’s new moon. Shraddha Paksha is a father-pleasing festival. During these 16 days (Shraddha Paksha), food is fed to the gods, cows, dogs, crows, and ants. The cow is sacred to all Gods and Goddesses. The dog and crow are the ancestor’s shape in the Pitra Paksha, hence the feeding law. At this time, the crows are particularly revered, as it is thought that without grass, the shraadha karma is incomplete. The fathers are said to be honoured in the Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month. During this time, gifts are made to the fathers.

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