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Bhumi Puja

Before building or tilling a piece of land, Bhoomi Puja is conducted. Earth, Bhoomi, is regarded the Mother of all. By performing this puja, we request permission for our deeds and forgiveness for disrupting Mother Earth’s balance. During the Puja, we chant unique vedic sutras and hymns to placate and ward off various forces. The Bhoomi Puja is done to bring luck to the building. It is done to beg God’s blessings for a smooth construction process. Also to ask Mother Earth for pardon for habitat disturbance.

Bhumi Puja Procedure

The rituals for Bhoomi Puja include :
Ganapati Puja,
Kalasha Puja,
Neev Pujan,
Bhoomi Puja
Mahamangal Aarti,
Teertha Prasad Vinyog / Prasad Vitran etc.

Our Promise
  • They are Vedic Patashala-trained and talented, as are all of our Pandits.
  • All rituals are conducted in accordance with established vedic guidelines.
  • Use high-quality Samagri to ensure a pleasant Pooja experience.
  • A guarantee of on-time arrival and genuineness is provided.
  • Support and guidance from a trained specialist.
Bhumi puja


Materials of BHUMI Puja

Kalwa, red cotton cloth, camphor, indigenous ghee, Kalash, many kinds of fruits, Durba grass, Nag-Nagin Jowda, clove-cardamom, betel nut for ground worship, Ganga Jal, mango and betel tree leaves, flowers, roli and rice, Kalwa, red cotton cloth, camphor, indigenous ghee, Kalash, many kinds of fruits, Durba grass, Nag-Nagin Jowd Materials such as incense sticks, money, turmeric powder, and other incense-related items are required. Only the individual who performs the main worship can conduct Pancha bhu-sanskar. Prepare the land for sowing, cow dung for coating, sruva for drawing, sprinkle or a piece of sacred wood for watering before performing Panch Bhoomi Sanskar.

Significance of BHUMI Puja

The Bhumi Puja is performed according to the Vastu Shastra’s guidelines. It is an ancient Indian design discipline that clearly explains the concepts of several aspects such as measures, layout, space, geometry, and so on. We will be disturbing Mother Earth by starting a construction project, and we would like to request permission as well as forgiveness for this. This is the first and most important reason why Bhoomi Pujan is so important. We are disrupting her natural condition, her homeostasis; as a result, we want to produce positive energy and do the right thing to please the positive as well as the not-so-positive energies in the area. We pray for positive energies to be amplified and bad energies to be neutralised or reduced to a minimum.

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